About Me

Hello, I’m Linda Resca, MS. I have several decades of experience in the field of care-giving and care management. I provide a unique hybrid of consulting and care management services – blending the practical crisis counseling of a care manager with the transformative emotional support of an experienced coach.

I’ve had clients with a large variety of needs and I’ve witnessed many successful (and unsuccessful) ways of opening the communication that leads to help for your loved one. I founded The Caregivers Heart so I could support families who are caring for a loved one and not only with the “nuts ’n bolts” but equally if not more importantly, with what I call the “softer side of care-giving.”

My difficult early life along with having cancer 3 times as an adult inspired and motivated me to find a way to use adversity as a means for transformation. I have a gift for seeing the deeper meaning in difficult situations, and helping families communicate respectfully and creatively with their loved ones in need. I’ve been in enough challenging situations with clients facing serious obstacles and blocks to know there is always a way.

I earned a Masters Degree in Education from the University of Oregon. I was a private care-giver for 14 years, and additionally spent 21 years working with disabled infants, young children and their parents in their home. Because I encountered a huge variety of lifestyles and communications styles, I became highly skilled in clear non-judgmental communication.

I’ve also received training in NVC (Non Violent Communication). This training reminds me that we all have important needs, not just me! That recognizing these needs is a vital part of self-care and compassion. It taught me how to make requests so everyone’s needs get met.

Lastly, I attended four and a half years of intensive study at The Jaffe Institute of Spiritual and Medical Healing (now known as The University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism). After graduating, I became an assistant teacher for one year. The USHS curriculum focused on healing from the level of the heart and soul. The first year was entirely about healing the healer and while the remaining years continued this process there was also emphasis on learning how to help others heal.