Hi Linda, I wanted to say thank you very much for talking with me about the situation with my mother-in-law. It’s hard to see her in such decline and hard to be far away and getting news second hand. I appreciated the generosity and compassion of your heart as you listened to my story. I felt like you really understood and that helped me feel very supported. As a result of our conversation, I continue to pray for her to be at peace, and I feel more surrendered to “what is,” with a deeper sense of trust, love and peace in my own heart. I know you will be a great help and resource for many people in facing issues with elder care and end-of-life. May God bless you in your good work!”

~ Amina Melody Pryor

Linda provides a unique and incredibly important service through her business. Linda supports, coaches, and encourages people with illnesses – as they navigate the process from diagnosis through whatever their eventual outcome. In addition, she helps families navigate and understand what their loved one is going through. Her guidance is profoundly spiritual without being preachy or uber-religious, her approach is accessible to people of all faith and/or belief system.

Our own experience has been amazing – we’ve met with her about Tim’s dad (he has Parkinson’s and Lukemia) and mom (she has COPD) and plan to keep working with her going forward.”

~ “Mary”

With an aging sister and brother in law, I wanted to be sure there was not something we were missing in assuring the highest quality for their lives while assuring their safety.

It helped to talk with an expert who has seen many of these situations and to know that we were on the right track.  It also affirmed for us the importance of maintaining independence for my sister and brother in law as long as possible.  Also, it helps to know of the available resources in case more care would be needed in the future.

I would recommend you in a heartbeat .  You are extremely competent, compassionate and thoughtful – I trusted your advice immediately because I could tell that it was the voice of experience.”

~ Patricia S., MN, JD and Christine M., MD