Yes, You’re Frustrated. But You’re Not Alone.

It can be so confusing and worrisome when you feel it’s obvious that your loved one needs more help, and they perceive the exact opposite. Because they disagree with you, it’s easy to second guess and doubt your own judgment.

Please know this: it’s possible to gain the clarity you’re seeking about this situation and for both of you to get your needs met.

trees-790220_640Imagine what it would be like to be clear about what your loved one needs. You’ll have more peace-of-mind and they’ll be safe and well cared for. You won’t be preoccupied with worry about whether you’re doing the right thing. When your stress level eases, you’ll have more energy to do what you enjoy. The end result: you’ll be able to give from a place of fullness and love, not emptiness and frustration.

I “get it.” I know first hand how it feels to suddenly realize that life can’t continue along “as is” and that changes must be made.

As a professional caregiver for the past nine years, I’ve been involved in at least a dozen situations with similar challenges. I’m clear about what sorts of approaches work well and which don’t. I’ve also got a keen eye for “red flags” that tell you when more help is needed.

I’d recommend we begin with a one-hour consult. I work with people in person and via phone or Skype, regardless of their location. My rate is $100 per hour and in that time, we can discuss any or all of the following and you’ll walk away with a clear plan of action.

  • Red flags that tell you your loved one needs more help
  • Ways to talk about sensitive topics
  • Potential types of help that could be appropriate
  • Questions to ask yourself so you can get clear about what’s best for both of you

Here are the steps for scheduling a consult:

1. Click the “Get Started” button
2. Submit payment
3. You’ll receive a link to my Scheduling Calendar
4. Submit your requested date and time
5. Within 24 hours you’ll receive confirmation of your appointment via email
6. A minimum of four days before your appointment, you’ll email me  your five most pressing questions/concerns
7. I’ll call you at the time you scheduled for your consult

I would like to share with you what a client said about their experience. When you’re ready to connect with me, please use the “Get Started” button at the bottom of this page.

I reached out to Linda for an assessment on care-giving options for our mother.  She provided a comprehensive evaluation that provided me with alternatives to research on my own as well as advice that I could apply immediately to improve communication and support, while maintaining my personal boundaries.   Linda brings compassion, empathy, and first-hand knowledge to an area that is a deeply personal struggle for many people who are reliving childhood trauma as they deal with aging parents.  She creates a trusting space for her clients to regroup and refocus their efforts in a constructive way for their families.  – MM