Care Management

I help people assess where the most help is needed: in the care (as in self-care) or in the management of their loved one’s needs.

8 things people need to know about care management:

1. help is provided for selecting a caregiver(s)
2. doctor visit summaries are provided
3. help provided for coordinating medical appointments
4. support provided for the softer side of care-giving as dynamics
become challenging within family interactions
5. monitoring and assessing the care your loved one is receiving
6. support family caregiver during stress of caring for aging parent
7. advocate for elder as needs change
8. listening deeply to the elder and finding ways to help you renew
and refresh a sense of purpose and honor and celebrate your life-
aging with grace.

5 benefits of care management:

1. comfort in knowing, with certainty, that your loved one is receiving
the best possible care
2. you and your loved one have ongoing support for a large variety of
3. you have more time for your own needs
4. your stress level is decreased
5. you remember that your anxiety and overwhelm do not mean you’re
unable to care for your loved one nor that you’re an inadequate
caregiver. what it DOES mean is it’s not easy! You’re supported in
remembering that when it feels like your loved one is giving you a
hard time – what’s really happening is they’re having a hard time.

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