Let’s Work Together

I appreciate the care and concern you have for your loved one and your desire to provide them with the best assistance possible. There are several ways that I can support you. Below is a brief summary of the services I offer. For more details, please follow the links in the descriptions.


This is a service I offer where we discuss the many complexities involved in caring for your loved one. During this conversation, I will assist you in understanding how to help your loved one while also caring for yourself. We can have this discussion regardless of your location; local or international. Click here to learn more.

Care Management Services

When you need more than just a single consultation, but ongoing assessment, guidance and support as the situation evolves and changes, care management services can give you what you need. These services can be provided regardless of your location over the phone or video call. Click here to learn more.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.