One-on-One Private Care-giving

mountains-863474_1920Welcome to this page where I describe one of my favorite things to do.

Really, truly, care-giving is one of the highest gifts I’ve ever been given. If you read my first blog post “Why I’ve Created this Website and Business,” you’ll learn more about why.

I’m guessing that you’re reading this page because either you or someone you know needs care-giving help.  If you are unclear about if you need a caregiver, please visit my “Care-Giving Consultations” page where you’ll learn about how I can help you gain clarity about what’s needed.

It’s a Tender Time

rose-1015838_1280It’s a very tender time when you realize help is needed. It’s a huge life transition for your loved one and not an easy task for the one supporting them.

Although I offer one-on-one-private care-giving, it’s also part of my job to help you understand what you’re walking into when hiring a caregiver.

I’ve been asked to help a variety of people in many stages of life. My youngest client was 2 and the oldest was 92.

The people I’ve helped have had a variety of needs: Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, Cancer, ALS, Diabetes, disabling Arthritis, Mental Illness ….

How Can I Help?

sunset-850877_1920Here are some of the ways I can help you and your loved one. (This is not a comprehensive list and hopefully it gives you a sense of what I do.)

  • light housekeeping
  • companionship
  • take your loved one to doctor appointments, errands, or fun outings
  • provide meal prep
  • take care of household chores like laundry
  • care for your loved one’s medical needs

I’m not medically trained as a doctor or nurse and I have experience operating a variety of medical equipment, working alongside Hospice Providers, and working with other professionals who were part of my client’s team. (Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist …)

What Will Happen When We Chat

water-839590_1920If you’d like to know more, I’d love to chat with you. I know that many of my clients are in a very vulnerable place when they decide to connect with me. I know this place from first hand experience. Having had cancer three times left me in a place, many times, of having to ask for help.

Because you’re in such a tender place when you reach out to me for help, you might like to know what to expect from your first call.

I will listen while you share concerns and questions about your loved one. Sometimes, you are so overwhelmed it’s hard to know where to begin and, if that happens, I’m skilled at helping you get started. After doing this work for 10 years, I’ve developed a knack for guiding clients through the conversation, if needed.

The first call is commitment and cost free, aimed at finding out if I’m right for you and you are right for me and, after this, there is no obligation to receive my services. Our conversation will last around 30-45 minutes and if, at the end of our call, you feel you’d like me to meet you and your loved one, we schedule a time for this.

When We Meet

purple-69366_1920That first “get to know you” visit typically lasts 1 hour. Sometimes a little more and other times a little less. You get to decide who will be present for this initial visit. I recommend, if it’s appropriate, that at the least both you and your loved one be present. Other people that have joined in are extended family members, neighbors and, really, anyone you feel is important in your loved one’s care.

During this first in-person meeting, we have a friendly conversation where you get to ask me anything you like about my background, training etc …. We also discuss some logistical things like my fee, what hours of the day you need help, and my availability. I, too, will have questions that help me get clear about whether we’d all be a good match.

By the end of our meeting, you’ll probably have a clear idea of whether you’d like me to begin helping your loved one. I will also be clear on whether I’m the best person to provide and organize that care. Of course, if you need more time to think it over, that’s ok too.

When we all agree to go ahead with hiring my services, we can schedule my first shifts or visits. From then on we’ll have an open line of conversation to ensure the best possible experience for your loved one and for you.

I would like to share with you what a dear client said about her experience. When you’re ready to connect with me, please use the contact form or phone number at the bottom of this page.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude and recommendation of Linda Resca as an in-home care-giver.  Linda began acting as a companion and personal care-giver to my 91 year old mother, Mrs. G, in October, 2011, continuing until August, 2014 when my mother moved to an assisted living facility.

When our relationship with Linda began, I was still working full-time and it was a great relief to know that Mom was safe and well looked-after. Linda demonstrated a real affection for her from the beginning.  They became partners in errands, going to various medical appointments and outings just for fun.

Linda was scrupulous in recording medications, treatments  and symptoms.  She kept a daily log of activities and changes in Mom’s demeanor and needs.  When additional care-givers were employed, she encouraged them in the same practice.  She supervised the other care-givers and oversaw all care to ensure consistency.  She monitored every area affecting Mom’s happiness and well-being.

Not only is Linda knowledgeable in matters pertaining to physical well-being, she is very attentive to the emotional and mental needs of her client.  Linda is adept at “deciphering” the underlying messages in certain behaviors – for example; my mother’s refusal to cooperate with benign chores, such as laundry – not to be difficult, but rather for fear of losing control of her life.

Linda is very responsible and was always willing to take on any task that relieved me of extra duty.  Her organizational skills were invaluable in keeping track of medical appointments, prescription re-fills and other issues requiring follow-up.

Perhaps most important is Linda’s ability to communicate with the patient and the patient’s family about every type of issue related to Mom’s quality of life.

I am pleased to highly recommend Linda Resca as an exceptionally caring, intuitive and competent care-giver.

Yours truly,
Marian G.

If you’d like to call, you can reach me at: 971-238-2249